Some of the artworks which belong to my personal artistic and expressive research.
During OCTO collective exhibition I've had the opportunity to show some of my artworks and some of the one done together with the artist Claudio Lamagni. Our path is called #KIZUNA
Kizuna is a Japanese word that literally means "bond", whose ideogram (kanji) was chosen by Japan as the symbol of the year in 2011 following some important natural disasters that has involved the nation. A concept that involves the issues of interdependence, the loss of the self to find yourself in the others, of universal love. Elisa Paganelli and Claudio Lamagni merge their expressive languages, image and matter, to give voice to a personal research and vision on the theme, also telling their own journey on the path of Zen and bringing what in Japan is the acquired principle of body-mind - soul as ONE; absence of borders. The representation of the heart as the pulsating, vital organ, the path of exchange, the archetype of love and genuine emotion was chosen as the interpretative key. 
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